Kids Class

ACTIVITIES INCLUDE: Brazilian jiu-Jitsu, Wrestling, Yoga, Group Games, and Self Defense

KIDS LEARN: Functional Self Defense, Healthy Athleticism, Emotional Intelligence, Empathy, Conflict Resolution, How to Relax Under Pressure, Strength and Coordination, Balance and Flexibility, Authentic Self Discipline, Personal Boundaries and Assertiveness. Our student Levi Mason used skills he learned at Alive MMA at school. His teacher forwarded us this letter:

“This letter is to commend Levi Mason for something he did yesterday on our school playground at recess. There was a boy student who was out of control with anger and who was a danger to the other students and the adults on the playground. I was trying to restrain him and diffuse the situation with another woman helping. All of a sudden, Levi was there, asking if I needed help. I said yes and Levi moved in front of the boy, holding his chest at arm’s length. The boy was raging and trying to hurt whoever was in his way. Levi began talking very calmly and telling the student to breathe, slow down, relax, etc., all the while keeping him respectfully restrained. He acted in an incredibly courageous manner, putting himself in harm’s way to protect me and the other students, and at the same time trying to help the boy. I consider him a hero in the situation and highly commend him for his courage and bravery. Thank you, Levi!” -Ariel Gibson