Adult classes: For both men and women, any age and experience our adult classes enable individuals of all ability levels to begin learning.

The Sport: requires a degree of physical fitness as well as mental focus. Beginners will initially feel challenged. Over time, students achieve strength and endurance as a result of exercises, drills, and sparring.

Beginners class: Fundamentals are introduced with time to practice them. New students will learn essential principles and movements, oftentimes with a personal assistant instructor assisting them. Self-defense techniques are also introduced at this level.

  • Classes are always fully supervised and safe for all participants.
  • Every class begins with warm-ups, stretching, calisthenics, and strength building exercises.
  • The class learning environment is respectful, focused, and spirited.
  • The more experienced students regularly help the beginners learn and grow.
  • The academy is like a big family and we all help each other develop to the best of our ability. There is always a healthy dose of competitiveness but it is in the spirit of improvement; egos are left at the door.